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William B. Asher, Jr.

William B. Asher, Jr.
Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault, LLP
Boston, MA
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What are some of the considerations involved with bringing in a strategic partner as an investor in my company?

How important are demand registration rights typically granted to venture investors?

What can be done to avoid disagreements between different classes of investors that might affect my ability to take important corporate actions?

How long should the contractual covenants in my venture financing agreements run?

The factual representations in the draft agreement from our venture capital investors are quite extensive. How should we respond?

Should I and my co-founders be personally responsible for the company's representations and warranties in our venture capital financing documents?

What kinds of stock transfer restrictions are typically placed on insider stockholders in a venture capital financing?

What are some techniques to bridge a valuation gap in negotiations with venture capital investors?

How much equity should be set aside for employee stock options following completion of a venture financing?

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