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Another company is using my registered trademark without my permission. The company is only a small mom and pop operation. Is it worth the time and expense to prevent their use of the mark?

I want to sue an offshore Internet company for trademark infringement, but I can't find its physical office to deliver the complaint. Will I be able to serve the company with the suit, or is my only option to give up on the case?

Most software agreements state that if there are problems with the software, then the purchaser's only recourse is repair or replacement, and if that doesn't work, then to be reimbursed only up to the purchase price, even if the problems hurt the purchaser's business. Are these provisions iron-clad?

Are Web site privacy policies required? Where should a policy appear?

What can a director of a corporation do to fulfill the director's fiduciary duties when entering into a transaction with the corporation?

What are the rules governing advertisements on the Internet?

My employees use free instant messaging programs to communicate with our clients, as well as their friends. Should I be concerned?

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