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We are concerned about age-discrimination lawsuits. Any suggestions?

Can my company avoid discrimination lawsuits and jury trials?

What are the rules on background checks on prospective employees?

What are my company's obligations to employees who are called up to the military reserves or National Guard?

What must I consider before terminating an employee?

What changes, if any, should we make in our waiver agreements in light of the EEOC's recent regulations concerning ADEA waivers?

Does recruiting exclusively via the Internet protect our company from discrimination lawsuits by unsuccessful applicants?

I'm about to hire a key employee away from a competitor who is threatening me with legal action for potential theft of trade secrets. What can I do?

What are some of the pitfalls one should avoid when negotiating an equity compensation package with a start-up?

How can my company reduce the legal risk from what employees write in e-mail documents?

We need engineers. Does an annual cap prevent us from hiring foreign engineers?

Can I fire an employee who has posted disparaging comments about our salaries on his personal Web site?

Can an employer include a non-compete clause in the contract of an employee working in a state where such clauses are unenforceable?

When I switch companies, can I bring with me my working file?

Can our company monitor employees' e-mail?

Our option plan gives the Compensation Committee the discretion to accelerate vesting when employees terminate with unvested options. The Committee has done this on a number of occasions. Any problems?

What level should I make the Human Resource function?

Our company has a confidential policy of paying severance on occasion to terminated employees, subject to certain unpublished written guidelines. Is this policy a plan regulated by ERISA?

How do I know my employee Confidentiality and Non-Competition Agreement is enforceable?

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