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What rights does the federal government take if it provides research or development support?

Is it true that my company cannot freely transfer customer lists from its European subsidiary to the U.S. parent?

I've developed software using my own skills plus several consultants, and now I've hired some full-time employees. Sales are picking up and we are close to raising capital. Investors want me to verify ownership. Don't I own what I paid for?

Does a company own all of the work created by the people who work for it?

If I purchase customer information from a bankrupt dot-com, are there limits on the ways that I can use that information?

As a small software company, clients for whom I develop license agreements insist on including an arbitration clause. Are there risks?

My company's operation will become dependent on a proposed software application we will be licensing. What should we be aware of regarding contractual protections?

We employ over 25 engineers. As their employer, do I own the intellectual property they develop?

How important is it to have potential investors and customers sign a non-disclosure agreement?

My company wants to market and license software along with another company's software to customers. Should we license both products under one agreement?

A government agency has asked my company for information that we consider sensitive. How do we protect it from competitors?

I have funded research by a university. Why does the university retain ownership of the resulting inventions?

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