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Should my small company consider its business methods as something to patent?

What is the hottest issue now with respect to pharmaceutical patents?

I hear that under the newly passed patent law, there's a first inventor defense available to a charge of patent infringement. If I don't have that defense available to me, can I buy a company that does, and then assert the defense myself?

My company wants to license patented technology to give us a cutting edge over our competition. Are we free to use the patented technology?

I would like to license my technology, but I'm uncertain whether the licensee company will be successful. How do I protect my technology against the possible failure of my licensee's business?

Do we need to file a patent application before talking to potential investors?

Should emerging companies seek patent protection for business methods these days?

Does obtaining a patent on your software or business method protect you against a claim of patent infringement by a competitor?

Can I file a US patent application and maintain the secrecy of my invention?

What is the difference between patent infringement and willful patent infringement?

If I come up with a new way of doing business, may I obtain patent protection?

Are there any disadvantages associated with filing US provisional patent applications?

My company has developed a new way of doing business on the Internet. Should we patent our ideas?

I've heard a lot about business method patents. What are those?

I understand that under the newly-passed patent law, the Patent and Trademark Office is going to publish all US patent applications that are filed abroad. I don't want my competitors to see the claims I want to get in the US. What can I do?

When I filed my patent application, I had no intention of filing it outside the US, so I asked the Patent and Trademark Office not to publish my application. However, the invention is very successful, and I have changed my miind. What should I do?

Can others in my company who are working on projects similar to mine, and who file patent applications before me, cause problems with my patent application?

I hear that under the newly-passed patent law, the Patent and Trademark Office is going to publish all US patent applications. But I don't want my competitors to see all the proprietary information I put in my patent applications until the patents issue. What can I do?

What is the significance of marking my products with their patent numbers?

Our company has developed a new product that has four novel but distinct features that we would like to patent. What is the most cost effective way?

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