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Venture Capital

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How do I decide how much money to ask for?

What is a cram-down venture financing?

How long should the contractual covenants in my venture financing agreements run?

What can be done to avoid disagreements between different classes of investors that might affect my ability to take important corporate actions?

How important are antidilution adjustment provisions in venture financing agreements for below-conversion price issuances of new stock?

The factual representations in the draft agreement from our venture capital investors are quite extensive. How should we respond?

As we begin the capital raising process, should we consider strategic investors?

What is a pay to play provision?

I've heard about anti-dilution provisions. What are they?

What factors will increase the likelihood of success in raising capital in today's choppy markets?

Terms from our VCs provide for the company's right to repurchase for fair value all of an employee's vested stock upon his resignation. How should we respond?

What is an equity line?

What are some of the considerations involved with bringing in a strategic partner as an investor in my company?

What should I be concerned about when making an investment in a portfolio company at a valuation lower than that evidenced by a previous round?

What should I know in advance of seeking angel money?

How are companies dealing with the current climate for venture financing?

My prospective venture capital investor wants information rights in connection with its purchase of stock in my company. What are information rights?

Do venture capital investors' liquidation preferences apply when a company is acquired?

How important are demand registration rights typically granted to venture investors?

My company has just started meeting with prospective investors, including venture capital firms. Should we insist on the execution of a non-disclosure agreement prior to sharing our business plan?

Can my company raise private equity capital while planning an IPO?

What is a "top-off" right?

What are the hidden financial terms in a preferred stock financing?

Should I and my co-founders be personally responsible for the company's representations and warranties in our venture capital financing documents?

My potential venture capital investor wants a class vote on certain matters. What is a class vote?

What kinds of stock transfer restrictions are typically placed on insider stockholders in a venture capital financing?

We are developing a new software development tool. What should we watch out for if we're approached by a large software company offering an equity infusion and a collaborative arrangement?

What are the key issues in a staged venture capital deal?

What are some techniques to bridge a valuation gap in negotiations with venture capital investors?

How much equity should be set aside for employee stock options following completion of a venture financing?

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