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My employees use free instant messaging programs to communicate with our clients, as well as their friends. Should I be concerned?

What are the rules governing advertisements on the Internet?

Are Web site privacy policies required? Where should a policy appear?

Are click wrap software license agreements enforceable against purchasers who download the software from the Internet?

Will a court enforce license terms published on my Web site for software downloaded from the site?

How can I make my click wrap contracts, where the user/licensee clicks an "I Agree" button, enforceable?

If children access my company's Web site, do we have to do anything special?

Can I take material from another Web site and use it on my site?

What major deal points should I achieve in negotiations with my Web site developer?

Can you explain the new laws against cybersquatting?

A cybersquatter has obtained the domain name registration for my trademark. What can I do?

Is an agreement entered into by clicking an "I Agree" button (i.e., a click wrap agreement) legally enforceable?

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